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BF4 5v5 Obliteration Ladder 7/19/2014
BF4 Prize League 7/9/2014
Blops 2 Tournament 7/9/2014
CS:GO League 7/3/2014

Saturday, July 19

BF4 5v5 Obliteration Ladder Posted by Zoomacroom

Battlefield 4 Obliteration Ladder

The BF4 admins have opened a new ladder! The 5v5 Obliteration Ladder is the newest addition in BF4 competition here at TeamWarfare League. The ladder is currently open to join and will be open for competition as soon as things like rules and a solid format have been finalized.

Give this new BF4 game mode a play and join in on the intense fun action!

Check out the BF4 forum to join the conversation and give your input to the new ladder, including what rules the community wants to use.
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Wednesday, July 9

BF4 Prize League Posted by Goddess Wolfie
Battlefield 4 League Season 3
We here at TeamWarfare would like to inform you of the goodness that is another season in the Battlefield series. Remember the 1942 days? Remember when TeamWarfare was really about you, the gamer? As we venture forth into the reboot of the site, steps have been taken to ensure that PC gamers are just as relevant in the gaming world. Dust off those guns, tanks, and airplanes. Battlefield 4: League Season 3 is going to commence soon but with a little twist. The ante has been upped and prize money is on the line. The war starts July 31, 2014. Click here for more information relating to format, prize pool, etc.

Creating Your Team: 1. Follow This Link to go to the create-a-team page. 2. Fill out each field with the specified information.

Joining the BF4 League (For Team Founders): 1. Go to your Team Page. 2. Under the "Team Administration" section, click "Join New Competition". 3. On the Join New Competition menu, find the "Join a League" section. 4. Select "Battlefield 4" and click "Join League".

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Blops 2 Tournament Posted by Goddess Wolfie
Black Ops 2 Tournament
TeamWarfare League is holding a Black Ops 2 tournament! It will start when we have enough teams (16 teams). The Game mode will be Search and Destroy, 5v5 Barebones. Match night will be Wednesdays at 9:30pm est. HERE is the overview for the tournament. RULES are also up. Please join us for some good old CoD fun!
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Thursday, July 3

CS:GO League Posted by Goddess Wolfie

CS:GO League Season 1

TeamWarfare League would like to announce the first season of CS:GO is open for sign ups! We will compress the season into 8 matches over the course of 4 weeks leading into 3 weeks of playoffs. Yes, that means two games (Wednesday and Sunday at 9 pm EDT) per week.

Sign up now as the league will be starting soon!

For any questions relating to the league, please go to the Counter-Strike forums.

For more information on this new season, check out the announcement.
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